Nurse Amy

For shits & giggles..........

Been feeling less insecure & stressed lately......go figure. Haven't gone out much & have been pretty much a hermit lately. Getting more hours at my night job in the next two weeks though. At least that's more positive. I'm not having to convince myself that I'm still cute because I finally believe it for once in my life.

And no, I haven't met anybody.

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Nurse Amy

Not so cold and...........

not so miserable today. We're 2-0 at least! It could be worse.

The meds are fantastic, now that my body is used to it! The blemishes aren't so bad either now. At least I'm still cute!
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Nurse Amy

It's cold......

and there's about 6 inches of snow on the ground. It's pretty but freezing.

I'm just too grouchy right now, because I'm feeling like a woman a tad too much today.
Nurse Amy

Stupid 'em anyways

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Nurse Amy

(no subject)

Feeling quite chipper at work regardless of how early my ass had to be here.

It's pretty damn cold up here, but if it's any consolation, it's quite pretty. I put new pics up on my Myspace account, but I'll have to do it here as well.

Things have been okay, and I've been taking the higher dose of meds. I know they're just synthetic hormones, but they're making me feel menopausal. The doctor says it's normal, but it's pissing me off to no end.

I'm still single, and I'm not loving it anymore. I guess that's my own fault though.
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Nurse Amy

Back to work...........

It's been a while since I've written. School is finally back in for the kids, so I'm back at work. I did scrub down everything in the kitchen & cafeteria for the past 2 weeks.

Things are fine up here & it even snowed a couple of days ago. I'm kinda hoping for more though. It's been really nice up here though.
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Nurse Amy

Feeling a little silly...........

The kids (from my work) had their Christmas concert last night & I'm amazed that this state doesn't go into an uproar over the fact that their public schools sing about Santa & crap. At least they separate church & state for the most part though.

Otherwise, my throat is starting to ache & it's hard to swallow (a drawback from working around anklebiters on a constant basis). But we're hoping for a white Christmas. It's just raining now. I hope you all have a great weekend & holiday!


Now for some silliness.........{Thanks Scott}

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Nurse Amy

The weekend........

Had my appointment on Friday. They're keeping at 100 mcg. for the next 2 weeks until I get the blood work-up done to test my thyroid levels. The doctor wants me to see a dermatologist on top of everything for the moles on my body. Fuckin' A.

Went to the school's X-Mas party on Friday. I should publish videos called, "Schoolteachers Gone Wild." No clothes came off though (thank god). Just too much drinking.

I need to do something about the lack of interaction in my life I suppose.
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Nurse Amy

12 days

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